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Deepstar Agate

Deep Khaki and aged bronze hues mixed with iron and ore to recreate the rustic interpretation of age-old, and timeless materials.... Read more »

Deepstar Fossil

Mid-tone warmth of amber and orange is shadowed with deep charcoal and sienna to reflect the unexpected surprise of nature’s ability to offer strength in color.... Read more »

Deepstar Glaze

This neutralized combination of gold, brown, and beige offer a sense of familiarity in softened tones, essential to the category.... Read more »

Deepstar Jade

Tones of green from slate, foliage, and gems, combine to form an oasis of color. Hints of old and new balanced in a fresh interpretation.... Read more »

Deepstar Mineral

A blend of sienna, copper, and rust, this bittersweet combination is reflective of the unexpected color and complexity of sedimentary rock, and it’s organic influences.... Read more »

Bella Reale

This rendition takes blue and taupe with black, and adds soft splashes of yellow-greens. This layering complexity creates a cool, silvery affect. Its name was derived from the silver hue that is found in the Spanish... Read more »

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