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Bella Venito

Inspired by the beauty of Venice and its classic architecture. Bella Venito translates a true depth of color only found in nature. This depth is found through the layering of blackened, shadowed green; deep olive; and... Read more »

Mystic Gemstone

A mystical blend of colors in Clay, embedded with larger gems of Brown and aggregate pieces of Smoky-blue. (a mystical blend of clay, brown, and smoky-blue.)... Read more »

Raven Gemstone

Features gemstones in dark shades of brown, lifted black and midnight Blue. (dark shades of brown, lifted black, and midnight blue.)... Read more »

River Gemstone

A riverbed treasury consisting of Red-brown, embedded with larger gems of Deep Brown. Includes smaller pieces of Blue-grey in the matrix. (a riverbed treasury of red-brown, deep brown, and blue-grey.)... Read more »

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