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Alpine Passage

Deep Green tones with aged Bronze reflect the colors of the Alps. Mountain colorations from the Riviera on the Mediterranean.... Read more »

Night Passage

Colors of the night: Plum, Blue-grey, overlapping into Brown. Consists of accent fissures in light Beige carrying the “aging” quality consistent in the series.... Read more »

Sedona Bluff

We capture the reflection of the sun on the side of the bluff and find the highlights of white mixed in with an assortment of yellow, orange, and brown. Deep crevices add simple details of dark... Read more »

Sedona Spa

Soft let-downs of color come together to provide a soothing representation of stone. Soft yellows and tans carry dominance while accents of grey and depth, and overtones of white keep it simple. Perfect simplicity for a... Read more »

Sedona Spirit

Sedona Spirit represents the emotions created as the spirits of the Native American ancestors flow through the winds and brush across the ancient ruins and mountain sides, we can envision the blending of soft blue clouds... Read more »

Sedona Trail

Rust, brown, clay-tones, and sienna, are mingled as naturally as you would see them on the rugged trails in a mountain pass.... Read more »

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