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Choosing Types of Granite Countertops
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Types of Granite CountertopsAre you looking for information on various types of granite countertops in Maryland, Baltimore, Columbia, Northern Virginia, DC or the surrounding areas?

Granite can be installed in a wide variety of styles, ranging in color, texture and overall appearance. Choosing the right material can change the image of your entire kitchen!

Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best style and color of granite for your kitchen.

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Main Granite Countertop Styles

When deciding to install granite countertops in your kitchen, there are many possible options to tailor the overall appearance. One of the first steps is deciding the cut of granite you want to work with.

Granite can be installed either as a slab or tiled. Slabs are one large piece of granite that becomes the entire countertop surface. A very large kitchen may require installing two slabs, but the granite slabs create a seamless countertop appearance.

Tiled countertops are exactly as they sound, granite tiles that are pieced together to form the surface. Typically, this is a more affordable option. Keep in mind that all tiles may not come from the same granite slab, attributing to variations in the color. Some homeowners enjoy the unique effect of tile.

Choosing a Pattern

There are three main types of granite countertops patterns: solid, marbled and speckled.

  • Solid granite countertops are fairly uniformed in color, offering few variations in the slab.
  • Marbled granite countertops reflect actual marble, with flowing variations in the color and overall texture.
  • Speckled granite countertops show the most variation, showcasing a mix of colors and textures.

Choosing the best pattern for your kitchen can be tricky, balancing personal preference with accenting features. Large kitchens with neutral cabinetry and appliances can benefit from the contrasting speckled granite. Marbled offers a luxurious appeal for an affordable price. Solid is the best choice for small kitchens, making the space feel open.

Granite Finishes

Finishing the surface is an easy way to put your personal touch on granite kitchen countertops. We offer two main finishes: honed and glossy.

Honed granite is a fairly matte finish that ends with a textured and very low gloss appearance. This muted finish compliments rustic kitchen themes very well. Glossy finishes are quite the opposite, enhancing granite with a sleek shine. Applying a glossy finish can also protect granite from everyday wear and staining.

Compliment Your Home’s Hue

Installing granite kitchen countertops allows homeowners to truly customize the kitchen to individual preferences. There are various types of granite colors and hues, encouraging customers to hand select any specific granite slab they desire.

Hand selecting granite ensures your home has a truly unique countertop appearance. No two slabs of granite are exactly the same, so you end up with a custom appearance.

Again, granite can be found in almost any color imaginable: green, black, red, gold, white, blue, etc. You name the desired color and we will help locate and install custom kitchen countertops.

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