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Solid Surface Countertop Prices & Cost
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Solid Surface Countertops Prices - MD, DC, VAAre you looking for information on solid surface countertop prices in Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Alexandria, Fairfax and all of the surrounding areas?

Keep reading to learn your options for solid surface counters and how they might impact your overall costs.

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What Determines the Costs of Solid Surface Counters?

When talking about solid surface countertops, or those made of any other kind of material, a lot of different things can alter the cost of the final product.

As a consumer, it helps to know what those factors are so that you can explore different options and come out with the perfect countertops for your home.

Design Your Dream Countertops

Some of the things you need to think about can include:

  • Where the Counters Go – Solid surface counters fit in equally well in both the kitchen and the bathroom, but type of counter you’ll need will have a large effect on how much it will cost. Likewise, you have to consider the shape of the counters and whether or no they’re standard or if your new fixtures will have to be made into an unusual shape in order to fit.
  • Edging – Countertops have different edges that run from very simply to very elaborate and, when implement correctly, can help bring the project together. Look at what’s available and see how it fits with your existing kitchen design.
  • Manufacturers – Solid surface countertops come from a variety of manufacturers that include DuPont Corian, Avonite, Swanstone, and Wilsonart. Each manufacturer has a different price for their materials, so it’s something you will want to look at closely and compare when shopping for pricing.
  • Upkeep – Maintenance is something that should be considered when looking at solid surface countertop prices. While soap and water will take care of most of your light cleaning needs, knowing what to expect for repairing solid surface counters can help you make the decision about whether this material is one in which you want to invest.
  • How Much Material is Needed – This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth pointing out. Solid surface, like any other kind of material, is priced per square foot so, the more you need, the more you’ll end up spending. Because of this, you want to make sure accurate measurements are taken so that you don’t end up with too much or too little when it comes time to begin the installation process.

As you can see, choosing countertops is a very involved process. Because of that, the price of countertops varies from project to project.

When you take the necessary steps, you’ll get everything you need for the perfect fixtures.

So who should you turn to for solid surface countertop prices that can get you everything you want?

Countertop Installation with Express Countertops

Whether you need kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops, you can get them for affordable pricing by coming to the professionals of Express Countertops.

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That’s why we work with you on every step of the design process. Everything from color to placement has a large impact on the final result, so you want to be sure every detail is just right.

We’ve spent years helping homeowners throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia with their kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs, so we know we can help you too.

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