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Facts About Your Silestone Counter

A Silestone® counter possesses superior strength and elegant beauty, it is because of this that it is quickly becoming the top choice for many modern day consumers. In this article you find many additional facts about Silestone’s quartz countertops including many of its advantages.

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Natural Beauty

A Silestone Counter offers a certain sophisticated elegance as well as a timeless beauty. The natural quartz stone in Silestone is able to deliver a distinctive depth, a brilliant clarity, a glimmering radiance and finally a cool, solid feel that is unique to only natural stone.


A Silestone Counter can be used on virtually any indoor surface application inside a kitchen, bathroom and even on the floors. These applications include: countertops, island tops, tub and shower surroundings, vanities, backsplashes, wet bars, walls, tabletops, fireplace surroundings, desktops and more.


The quartz in a Silestone Counter makes it, by nature, scratch-resistant. There are only three other natural minerals that are harder than quarts, they are: diamonds, sapphires and topaz. Quartz rates a seven on Mohs Hardness Scale which rates a material on its hardness on a 1-10 scale (diamonds are a 10).

Where the careless slip of a knife will scratch the majority of other countertop surfaces like laminates and solid surfaces, it will not even leave a mark on a Silestone Counter. Even though Silestone is extremely durable, it is not entirely scratch-proof. It is still possible that Silestone can be damaged with excessive force or pressure.


Silestone is a non-porous material and because of this, it is extremely resistant against stains from coffee, wine, olive oil, lemon juice, makeup, vinegar, as well as various other commonly used household products. One of Silestone’s benefits is that it does not ever need to be sealed for it to keep its signature lustrous shine.


A Silestone Counter is a scorch-resistant surface. It is able to withstand limited exposure to high temperatures without the surface burning or scorching. The fire emitted from a lit match will not, in any way, mar a Silestone Counter. However, you should note that it is advised by crock pot and other electric skillet manufacturers, not to place these types of items directly on your countertop. It is recommended that you always use trivets or hot pads when placing hot items on your natural stone or quartz surface in order to avoid a thermal shock.


Silestone® has an incredible flexural strength that helps to make it less susceptible to accidental chipping and cracking during the transportation and installation processes.


Since Silestone is a non-porous surface, it never needs to be sealed.

Colors and Edges

A Silestone Counter is available in a large variety of mesmerizing colors. These colors range from conservative neutral tones, to bright and daring colors. The plethora of colors available help to ensure that there is a Silestone color available to suit any style or taste. Silestone is able to deliver a uniformity and consistency that will allow for virtually limitless edge designs. If you would like to browse our color library, please click on the icon below.


Silestone’s natural quartz surfaces are formed from a very controlled process in order to ensure their reliable performance, unmatched color consistency and their ultimate durability. Cosentino backs its Silestone Counters with a 10-year, limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Microban Protection

A Silestone Counter is the only available countertop that contains built-in Microban product protection. Microban protection aggressively fights the growth of unwanted microbes that include odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. With this type of protection, Silestone is much easier to clean and maintain. It also stays cleaner in between cleanings thanks to Microban.

NOTE: Microban doesn’t protect against food-borne illnesses and is absolutely not a substitute for regular cleaning practices.


Silestone has received a Certification under NSF 51 making it a safe material for use in foot preparation areas. The National Sanitation Foundation is a leading global provider of safety risk and public health management solutions. Since the year 1944, the NSF has been certifying various products and writing industry standards that help to protect our food, water, air as well as consumer goods.

In addition to Silestone’s NSF 51 certification, Silestone has received a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification awarded by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. This declares Silestone Counters as safe for use within indoor commercial and residential spaces. Silestone protects the indoor air quality because of its virtually nonexistent emission. This means that there is no emission of toxic chemicals into the air. A Silestone Counter will help to contribute to an environmentally sensible project because it is constantly keeping up with today’s ‘green conscious’ building practices.

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