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7 Reasons Why You Need Quartz Kitchen Countertops
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Quartz Kitchen CountertopsAre you planning to install quartz kitchen countertops in Baltimore, Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC or the neighboring areas?

Quartz is making a name for itself, quickly becoming the most requested material for kitchen countertops. Impressive resilience, affordable nature and the vast array of colors are just a few qualities that make quartz a valuable countertop material.

Keep reading to learn 7 surefire reasons why you should choose quartz for your kitchen countertops installation.

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1. Exceptional Durability & Performance

If you’re on the fence about selecting quartz for your kitchen countertops, we encourage you to explore its high-performance and low-maintenance nature. Customers who install quartz countertops are blown away by the durability and ease of keeping them clean.

What exactly are these benefits? Quartz is virtually indestructible and makes your kitchen more functional with these qualities:

  • Stain Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Heat Damage Resistance
  • No Sealing Required, Ever
  • Easy Clean with Soap & Water

2. Natural Stone Appearance

For years, granite has dominated the market because of its stunning natural stone appearance. But customers are starting to discover the hidden gem of stone countertops, finding a winner in the quartz vs. granite debate. And requests for quartz countertops have been on the rise ever since.

Quartz is 93% natural stone and slightly engineered, simply to transform the material into a functional countertop slab. The striking appearance isn’t forfeited for the enhanced performance of quartz, making it a well-rounded kitchen countertop solution.

If there is a specific natural stone you desire for kitchen countertops, chances are there is a quartz material designed to look identical but function more efficiently. Ask us about quartz alternatives to marble, granite, travertine and more.

3. Affordable Kitchen Countertops

In terms of value, quartz truly delivers when you compare the broad benefits with its very affordable cost. In fact, quartz is the #1 alternative to granite countertops because it provides that natural stone appearance without the high-maintenance demands.

Quartz may not compete with alternatives like laminate when it comes to price, but it delivers a longer life expectancy with higher quality materials. You’re truly getting what you pay for: heavy-duty countertops designed for a lifetime of daily use.

4. Premium Quartz Manufacturers

We provide our customers with the very best products, and offer multiple quartz manufacturers to improve our ability to meet your kitchen’s specific needs. Each manufacturer has distinctive qualities, affordable prices and benefits to offer.

Our variety also increases your access to limited edition and exclusive color palettes from a range of companies. Click any of the links below to learn more about our premium quartz manufacturers:

5. Stunning Color Palettes

No need to fret over sacrificing your ideal color palette for durability, because you can have deluxe performance and style with quartz kitchen countertops! Our diverse selection of quartz manufacturers allow for creative and artistic variation in countertop colors.

If you’re still unsure of color, our design team can help you select an optimal hue that complements the overall design of your home. From neutral granite-like hues to vivacious popping hues to even marble designs, there are no color limitations with quartz.

6. Hygienic Kitchen Surfaces

Two of the greatest features of quartz that make it desirable for home use are its nonporous and nonabsorbent qualities, meaning chances of bacterial growth are hugely minimized.

During food prep and even from regular contact, bacteria can leach into other porous countertop surfaces such as unsealed granite. Quartz allows you to maintain a healthy, more hygienic kitchen atmosphere.

7. Easy Customization Options

We understand that you want unique kitchen countertop designs that define and exude the personality of your home. Our ability to customize quartz countertops makes it easy and affordable to get that personal touch.

Buzzworthy customization options include:

  • Custom Edging: Add a rounded, beveled or even diagonal edge to your countertops that geometrically complement the kitchen’s design features
  • Material Thinning: Get a truly unique appearance by installing a thinner version of quartz.
  • Countertop Finishes: Select either a glossy or matter finish for your countertops to control the degree of luster and shine

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