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Buy Solid Surface Countertops - MD, DC, VAInterested in buying porcelain slab countertops? Look no further than Express Countertops. Porcelain countertops are the perfect addition to a modern and sleek renovation project. At Express, we offer free estimates and a 1-week installation guarantee on all of our countertops, worktops, and vanity tops.
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Porcelain Countertop Color Options

Porcelain slabs come in a large variety of colors, giving customers the ability to replicate the look of other materials while minimizing cost and maintenance. This also gives customers the ability to personalize their spaces in ways that traditional materials don’t allow.

Crema Marfil ExtraCrema Marfill ExtraThis porcelain slab color is one of the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. Crema Marfil Extra is a more traditional color that works well with many different kitchen and bathroom styles. Pair this color with other earth tones or a stronger color accent to make your space pop and impress your guests.
TravertinoTravertino Porcelain Slab Color SwatchAre you looking for something that resembles natural stone without the high maintenance costs? Travertino resembles a grainy stone that goes well with other light earth tones. Whether you are looking for an alternative to popular stone options or you just like the look and feel of this porcelain slab, Travertino can offer your space a distinguished look that’s sure to please.
CortenCorten Porcelain Slab Color SwatchWhether you are going for a rustic look or are simply tired of the standard grays and whites, a brown countertop like Corten can add a lot of character to any space. Perfect for the new farm house or vacation cabin, this color choice can bring together your kitchen with a timeless look.
Blue De SavoieGrays are known for their desirable neutrality that seems to work with almost anything. Like black and white, gray is often used to create a modern, sleek look. Pair this countertop with other neutral colors to give your home or kitchen a contemporary feel.
Bianco Venato Extra Porcelain Slab Color SwatchBianco Venato Extra – Variations of white have always been popular, and Bianco Venato Extra is no exception. With gray veins and an off white base shade, this color option offers a lot of character to your kitchen or bathroom without being too bold. If you want a safe option that will likely enhance your home’s resale value, this color is the one for you.
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Porcelain Slab Countertops Cost

A porcelain slab countertop is an affordable and attractive design solution that can cater to many budgets. When factoring in the cost of the install, porcelain slab countertops cost an average of $55 to $100 per square foot. Some factors influencing this cost include the specific material you use, the complexity of the job, and what type of edge you opt for. To save money, consider doing the install yourself and/or prepping the area to minimize work time.

Factors Influencing Porcelain Countertops Cost

  • Shipping and Installation Costs
    • Porcelain slab is more lightweight than similar materials which helps minimize shipping and installation costs. Most people find porcelain slab estimates to be lower on average versus granite or quartz, but costs often vary based on suppliers and contractors. If you have a complicated job that involves a lot of corners, cut outs, and seams, your cost will likely be higher.
  • Edging
    • While porcelain slab has many benefits when installing and maintaining it, there are some limitations in what edges you can use. Most porcelain edges are mitered, which means they are joined together using 45 degree angles to create a seamless look, but many customers opt for a square edge instead. It is possible to create different beveled edges, but this will likely increase your cost and may not give you the look that you want. If you are having a hard time choosing which edge you’d prefer, check out our current countertop trends page.
  • Size
    • One of the benefits of using a porcelain slab countertop in your remodel is that it is typically one solid piece. By buying one larger slab as opposed to smaller modular pieces, you can get the most out of your budget. A porcelain slab can be as large as 10’ x 5’, but custom sizes can be ordered if you’re willing to spend the money.

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Caring for a Porcelain Slab Counter

Porcelain Slab is one of the easiest countertop materials to care for since it is a non-porous, glazed material that doesn’t stain or hold bacteria. To clean your porcelain slab countertop, you can use any multi-purpose cleaner and a cloth or sponge. You also don’t have to worry about using abrasive chemicals or materials as you do with marble or other porous materials.

When installing countertops, many other materials require the customer to factor in maintenance costs such as resealing. With porcelain slab countertops, you never have to worry about these costs like you do with granite or quartz. A porcelain kitchen countertop also gives you the ability to set down hot pots and pans without worrying about damaging the surface.

While porcelain slab offers a wide range of benefits, especially when it comes to maintenance, it is important to remember that it is not indestructible. Some manufacturers like to advertise that you can chop and cut meats and veggies directly on your countertop, but using a ceramic knife could result in scratches in addition to dulling your knife faster.

If you want to get the most out of your new countertop, the two best things you can do are buy from a reputable distributor such as Express Countertops and treat your countertop well by using a cutting board and cleaning it regularly. These things will help ensure that you get the long and lasting quality that we pride ourselves on delivering.

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Porcelain vs. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been around for a while and are often a go-to choice for homeowners looking for something to impress their guests. Porcelain offers different benefits than what you get with granite that you may want to consider when deciding between the two for your home or kitchen.

Porcelain Granite
Appearance Typically lighter colors such as white with styled veins; many color options. Darker shades with various patterns; many color options.
Price Estimate $55-$100 per sq./ft. $30-$200 per sq./ft.
Needs Sealing? No, material is non-porous Yes, material is porous.
Durability Highly durable, is heat resistant Slightly durable, costly to repair or replace
Maintenance Light cleanings, no resealing Needs resealing every few years

Porcelain vs. Marble Countertops

Whilemarble has traditionally been the material of choice for many interior designers, porcelain can offer a similar look that may offer more pros than cons. Porcelain is less porous than marble, making it easier to clean and maintain over time. It is also more dense and less brittle than marble, making it a serious contender when deciding which material to use in your home or kitchen.

Porcelain Marble
Appearance Can be colored with pigment to imitate marble Natural color/pattern
Price Estimate $55-$100 per sq./ft. $59-$300 per sq./ft.
Material Composition Made from clay making it less porous, can be recycled Natural stone that contains calcite, can be recycled
Durability Harder than marble, less susceptible to damage from scratches and acidic kitchen substances Less durable than porcelain, scratches more easily, low resistance towards acidic substances
Maintenance Needs little long-term maintenance Needs to be re-sealed over time because it is a porous material

Porcelain vs. Quartz Countertops

Porcelain and quartz countertops offer a lot of similar benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, desired look, and the cost and availability of these two popular countertop materials.

Porcelain Quartz
Appearance Smooth surface with many color options, can resemble marble Many shades and patterns, can be made to look like any stone
Price Estimate $55-$100 per sq./ft. $40 to $125 per sq./ft.
Material Composition Made from clay, non-porous Man-made material using quartz crystals, non-porous
Durability Can chip or crack if not cared for properly, is heat resistant More flexible, resistant to damage, is not heat resistant
Maintenance Needs little long-term maintenance Needs little long-term maintenance

How to Get the Most Out of Your Porcelain Countertop

As we have already covered, porcelain offers a lot of benefits for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom, but how can you get the most out of those benefits? One of the best places to make use of a porcelain countertop is the kitchen. Porcelain kitchen countertops are increasing in popularity not only for their aesthetics, but also for their low maintenance and ease of cleaning.

The same goes for porcelain bathroom countertops. Porcelain isn’t reserved for your toilet or small vanity sink anymore. Now, you can clean your whole bathroom in half the time because you will have a countertop that is resistant to staining and wipes down easily. Also, porcelain offers a pleasing look that can help impress guests and potential homebuyers.

Express Countertops makes a quality and authenticity promise to all of its customers and guarantees installation of your porcelain counter in 7 days or less.

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