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Marble Counters in DC, NOVA and Maryland

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Are you searching for marble counters in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area? Continue reading below to learn all about the advantages of owning a marble countertop.

Marble Counters are a warm, soft, beautiful and luxurious countertop choice. Marble is a durable and long-lasting material that offers subtle, gorgeous color choices as well as veining patterns to attribute to their unique designs. Marble is often used on specific surfaces within a room, as opposed to on all surfaces. Although marble is heat resistant and waterproof, it does require regular and consistent maintenance.

Marble is, at its core, a metamorphic rock that results from a metamorphism of various sedimentary carbonate rocks such as dolo stone or limestone. This process is one that causes a total re-crystallization of the actual rock itself. Marble is available in a large variety of colors including: grey, green, pink, white, green, brown and black. Marble is naturally decorative and distinguished by its unique vein-like patterns.

Marble Counters Cost: $30 -$100 per square foot.

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Marble Counters Features

Has a luxurious look that adds sophistication to any room. Less dense than granite making it more porous and susceptible to being stained.
Heat resistant. Requires use of a cutting board.
Offers a wide variety of colors and veining patterns. Vulnerable to chipping and cracking under frequent use.
A warm and soft stone with rich colors. Can be expensive depending on type of stone and size of solid pieces to be installed.
Requires maintenance, such as periodic resealing.
Dulls easily from exposure to acidic liquids such as wine, coffee, juice and alcohol.
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What Are The Differences Between Marble & Granite Countertops?marble kitchen countertop

Although both options are natural stones, marble and granite are very different and possess many different qualities that should be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a countertop surface. Granite’s hard density helps to make it resilient to scratches, scuffs, acids, stains and heat. Marble’s relatively soft density makes it slightly more vulnerable to damages but allows for more intricate designs to be etched into the stone.

Because of its softer structure, it is often utilized for the creation of more delicate items like vases, fireplace mantels, or even designs within bathrooms as opposed to marble counters. Marble is better when it is used in lower-traffic areas because of how it is softer and more porous than a material such as granite. Despite its sensitivities, marble’s beauty can still be greatly enjoyed; just remember, it requires a little bit of extra delicacy.

While granite is often used in entire rooms, marble is generally only incorporated into segments or parts of a room. Advancements in the protection and treatment of marble are being developed for marble surfaces. These advancements include things such as new and improved treatments that help to eliminate cracking in your marble slab that were not available in previous years. There are also new and improved sealers that can help better protect your marble as well.

Marble Counters Maintenance

Although marble counters may not be the best choice for areas that are frequently used, marble is a unique and elegant choice that will definitely add to the sophistication of your Baltimore, Alexandria or Annapolis home.

Marble counters and tabletops are, unfortunately, easily stained by acidic foods and liquids such as fruit, tomato sauce, wine, and coffee. It is vital that when cleaning a spill you blot, do not wipe, anything up immediately. Then clean the affected area with a mild soap and hot water. It is very important that you do not set hot pots or pans directly onto a marble surface,and it is also important to remember to place a mat or some type of pad between the marble surface and anything which could potentially scratch it such as a pan or sharp utensils.

You should get into the habit of using coasters between any glasses and the marble, especially ones containing acidic compounds such as alcohol, fruit juices, wine, or even coffee.

When cleaning your marble countertops, it is important to avoid harsh and acidic cleaners like vinegar. Marble is quite a sensitive stone, but if it is taken care of, it can last for a lifetime.

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