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Marble Countertops Colors in MD, DC, VAAre you looking the perfect marble countertops colors in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Alexandria, Fairfax or the surrounding areas?

At Express we focus solely on the fabrication and installation of countertops, and because of that we are experts at integrating new countertops with existing kitchens and baths, or as a part of a remodel. If you want  your marble counters to capture the unique personality of your home, then keep reading this page to learn how Express Countertops can help.

Do you already know what colors your want? If so, then you can get started right away. Just contact us through our request form for a fast, free estimate. If you’d like to talk to a sales representative who can answer all of your questions, give us a call at 410-712-0601 and we’ll be happy to help.

Color as Part of Your Countertop Installation

Cultured marble is one of the most sought after countertop materials because of its luxurious nature. Good countertops can really tie a room design together, whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom, so you want to make sure you get something perfect.

Design Your Dream Countertops

Color can say a lot about your personality as well as the mood you want the room to establish, so take a look at some of your options and how they can fit into your design.

  • White Gray – White and gray are neutral colors that can go with just about anything. When it comes to your countertops, you can use white gray marble countertop colors like Bianco Statuario to help complement or completely contrast existing colors in the room.
  • Blue – Peace and tranquility are the words that usually come to mind where blue is concerned and blue marble like Azul Macauba could be perfect for your bathroom countertops because the bathroom is the kind of space where you want to evoke that sort of feeling. Consider this for your marble countertops colors if you want your guests to always feel relaxed when in your home.
  • Green – Green marble is something you might consider if you want your room to promote growth, balance, and life. If you plan on using it in your countertops, then know that there are marble countertops colors like Empress Dark Green and Empress Light Green so that your design can be as bold or as unassuming as you want.
  • Black – Black is a timeless color and black marble can make for a timeless fixture. If you want countertops that make people think of words like “stylish” and “sophisticated”, then consider colors like Negro Marquina for your fixtures.

This is just a small sample of the many colors you can choose from, but there are enough options out there that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that fits perfectly.

In order to make sure your countertops are perfect, you need to work with a countertop installation service that will look at your needs down to the smallest detail and ensure you get exactly what you need for counters that can’t be found anywhere else.

Marble Countertops Colors with Express Countertops

When you want a wide range of options for kitchen and bathroom fixtures that can’t be beat, then the professionals of Express Countertops can help you.

At Express Countertops, we provide high quality fixtures from world class manufacturers so you can be sure you’ll be getting counters that last in addition to options that make the installation as personal as possible.

We work closely with home owners like you to pick colors and materials that are within your budget and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final results. Your guests won’t believe their eyes they see your counters.

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We’ll discuss your options for marble countertops colors, provide you with an estimate and with our 7-day installation guarantee you’ll have your new counters in no time at all!

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