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Discover These Amazing Kitchen Countertop Ideas
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Kitchen Countertop Ideas in MD, DC, VAAre you searching for amazing kitchen countertop ideas for your Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC, Baltimore or Arlington kitchen remodel?

Because all we do is fabricate and install countertops, we are constantly coming up with new great ideas to make our customers countertops a reflection of their own personal style. Keep reading to explore some of our classic and innovative design ideas to make your new kitchen countertop uniquely your own.

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Design Ideas for Kitchen Countertops – Form vs. Function

There’s a fine line between form and function when it comes to kitchen countertops.

Many kitchen remodeling companies will push designs that look great but don’t have the durability and ease of maintenance a lot of homeowners are looking for in a kitchen countertop.

Our goal is to show you some amazing design ideas that function as well as they look.

Design Your Dream Countertops

Consider How the Color & Pattern Compliment Your Kitchen

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a color and pattern for your countertop.

  1. To tie your kitchen together by complimenting the colors in your floors and cabinetry
  2. To draw attention to your counter as a focal point in the room

The latter is a popular trend in new remodels, as bars and kitchen islands are more and more becoming focal points and meeting places in the kitchen—replacing traditional dining rooms.

Natural stone countertops, like granite, and even new solid surface and laminate counters, are including complex patterns and textures that immediately draw the eye to them.

Create a Mood In Your Kitchen

Selecting a countertop isn’t just about tying your kitchen together, or creating a focal point. The color of your countertop can actually create a mood in your kitchen.

  • Warm Bright Colors like yellows or oranges can create a feeling of happiness and energy.
  • Neutral Colors like grays, whites, blacks and browns can tone down the colors in the room.
  • Bold Colors like purples and blues can create a calming or relaxing feeling.
  • What About Green? Greens just might be super colors. They combine the happiness of yellows with the calming feelings of bold colors.

If you have any questions about what mood a countertop you’re interested in evokes, give us a call at 410-712-0601.

More Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Here are some more great ideas to create an impact with your new kitchen countertop.

  • Select a countertop that compliments your backsplash
  • Go green. New eco-friendly countertops from Icestone & Cosentino are attractive and great for the environment. They are sure to get noticed.
  • Consider tiles. They maybe harder to clean, but a granite tile countertop creates a distinctive look and costs less than slab.
  • Concrete countertops? Concrete countertops may not sound exciting, but they are. Ask about embedding items like shells, stones and other items in your concrete countertop for a truly unique look!

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