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Kitchen Counter Replacement
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cambria-countertops16Are you looking for kitchen counter replacement in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Columbia or the surrounding areas?

When it comes to replacing a kitchen countertop, the decision-making process can be confusing and overwhelming. Let us guide you through the most important steps to improving your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn more about counter replacement options and how Express Countertops can make installation easy!

If you’re ready to speak with our installation team to answer questions and schedule your FREE estimate, give us a call at 410-712-0601 or click here to contact us online.

Design Your Dream Countertops

Determine Countertop Preferences

Counters are an important visual aspect in the kitchen, exposed to everyone who comes into the home. Are you looking for beauty, durability, or some combination of the two?

The functional needs and everyday use of your kitchen can help determine the type of countertops required. To start the buying process, we need to pinpoint the specific features you are seeking.

For heavy use kitchens, a highly durable material may be sought after. Routine cooking and active households can put a significant amount of wear on the kitchen, demanding a material that can stand up to that lifestyle. These same kitchen users may seek counters that are easy to clean and stain resistant.

Looking to create a luxurious, unique feel in the kitchen? Materials like natural stone allow homeowners to create a stunning, one of a kind countertop appearance. If you are less concerned with easy clean-up, there are more material options available.

Define Your Budget

Along with determining material preferences comes defining a budget for countertop replacement. This is a decision that homeowners need to make for themselves, taking into consideration:

  • Countertop Preferences
  • Available Funds
  • Potential ROI

Express Countertops works hard to deliver replacement options to customers within their budget. We encourage you to install the best material for your lifestyle. Also, renovations like kitchen countertop replacement can help increase the value of your home!

We understand how kitchen needs vary and provide customers with various installation options. When you schedule a free assessment, we will give you as many available products to choose from as possible.

Choose Desired Materials

After determining your budget and kitchen lifestyle, it comes time to decide on a kitchen countertop material.

Our product selection includes various surfaces such as laminate, ceramic, solid surface and granite. Explore the pros and cons of each countertop material to determine what fits best with your home.

If you are seeking a material for specific characteristics and features, our countertop guide suggests different materials based on those needs. We even have a wide selection of eco-friendly materials.

Schedule Free Measurements & Estimates

Taking measurements of your kitchen is a vital step in kitchen counter replacement. We recommend scheduling a free assessment with your local countertop company, such as Express Countertops.

With your free estimate and measurement, the design team will consult with you about desired preferences to help choose a material. A quote will allow you to pinpoint exactly what materials fit your budget. One of the greatest benefits of scheduling a free estimate is receiving hassle-free, accurate kitchen measurements.

It is much easier to acquire accurate estimates with accurate measurements. If you improperly record counter dimensions, it can drastically distort an estimate. A professional team like ours has experience with precise measurements.

Inquire About Additional Benefits

Countertop companies can sometimes offer relatively similar quotes and pricing for the same materials and installation process. Value is within the additional benefits that your installer has to offer.

Express Countertops offers a 7-Day Installation Guarantee. We know how important your kitchen space is, which is why the installation process should be completed as quickly as possible. When you decide on materials, installation is completed within one week to get you back in the kitchen before you know it!

Contact Express Countertops Today!

If you’re ready to speak with our installation team and schedule your FREE estimate, give us a call at 410-712-0601 or click here to contact us online.

Express Countertops is experienced with counter installation in Baltimore, Columbia, Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to consult with our team on replacement options. Within 7 days, we’ll have you back in the kitchen!

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