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Your Step by Step Guide on How to Measure Countertops
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How to Measure Countertops Maryland, Virginia, DCIt’s not often that we have to replace the surfaces in our bathrooms and kitchens, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to measure countertops. That’s what this guide is for!

When you’re planning new countertop installation, you will get more accurate and informative estimates if you know exactly how much material you need. You’ll also look like a superhero when your family member or friend needs help measuring his or her own surfaces!

Keep reading to instantly build your skillset and learn how to calculate the square footage of your countertops before you call the installation company!

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Why Do I Need to Measure Ahead?

One of the first questions a countertop installer will ask is “how much material do you need?” This is an essential detail for creating an estimate. The more accurate information you can provide, the more precise of an estimate you will receive.

It’s also valuable information to have before you begin the search for new countertops. Materials are almost always sold by square foot. If you have established a budget and how much material you need, the search for countertops within your price range is drastically simplified.

What Will I Need?

It doesn’t take much time to measure your countertops, and you already have the “equipment” in your home! All you need is:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Calculator
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pencil

That’s it, really! Are you ready for the fun stuff now?

Steps for Measuring Your Countertops

Here we go! Follow along with these simple steps and you’ll be an expert on measuring countertops in no time. There’s a little bit of math required, so just make sure you have that calculator handy.

1. Sketch Out Your Countertop Surfaces

Before breaking out the measuring tape, you need to make a quick sketch of your kitchen surfaces. We don’t expect you to create a masterpiece or even draw straight lines, it’s mostly for recording measurements.

Sketch out the general shapes of your kitchen countertops and kitchen island, if you have one. Mark the location of your sink, stove, fridge and any other items along the surface.

2. Measure the Length of Your Countertops

The next step is to measure all surface lengthes in inches. For reference, this is where your countertops meet the wall. Exclude any areas where countertop is not required, including your stove, but include areas such as your sink that are still surrounded by countertops.

If you have a kitchen island, measure and record both the length AND width of the countertop surface. Adding an overhanging edge is very common during countertop installation, so consider writing down the measurements of your island with an ideal overhang.

Be sure to note if you have any unique angular countertop edges, like alongside a corner sink. Feel free to write down any other measurements you may want to refer to later so you don’t have to pull out the measuring tape again.

3. Calculate Your Square Footage

Now it’s time to grab your calculator to calculate the square footage of your kitchen countertops. The overall equation is (length*26)/144, but we’ll break this down into small steps to make it easy.

a)    Add up all length measurements: Calculate the total length by adding together measurements from your main countertop surface. Keep your kitchen island length separate, if applicable. For this example, we’ll assume you have 150 inches of length.

b)   Multiply total length by 26: The average countertop width is 26 inches, so multiply your countertop length by this figure. For our example, we have 150 * 26=3,276. If you have a kitchen island, multiply the length by the width of the island and add this to the overall total.

c)    Divide the Total by 144: Last step! Take your total from step B and divide by 144 to calculate your countertop square footage. For our example, we have 3,276/144= 22.75 square feet.

One last tip to keep in mind is that this calculation doesn’t include your backsplash. The standard backsplash is 2” and runs the length of your countertops. If you want to include this in your square footage, simply:

  • Multiply the length of your countertops by 2
  • Add this to your total from Step B
  • Continue with your calculations

That’s it! You just learned how to measure the square footage for your countertop replacement.

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