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Are you looking for a beautiful and durable granite countertops in Maryland or DC?

Granite countertops have an unmatched natural strength and are available in a wide variety of colors. Their one-of-a-kind beauty is unlike any other countertop surface available.

At Express we focus on only one thing–selling and installing countertops. We consider ourselves countertop experts, and would like to share our knowledge. Keep reading to learn if granite countertops are right for your kitchen.

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Why is Granite So Durable?

Of all of the natural stone countertops, granite is the most durable.

The granite stone used for a countertop has already existed for thousands and thousands of years. Like marble and other natural stones, granite rock is formed beneath the earth’s surface during the compression of heat and fusion. However, unlike marble, granite is composed of hard silicate minerals, making it significantly more durable.

Granite is a metamorphic and igneous rock, which is resilient against extreme temperature as well as stress and heat. Granite possesses a smooth surface and is cool to the touch.

Granite Countertop Cost: $30 – $200 per square foot.

Are Granite Countertops Perfect for You?

Countertop material of choice; a mixture of natural beauty and elegance. Granite can be expensive depending on the type of stone and sizes of solid pieces to be installed.
Holds up to heat and is scratch resistant. Requires use of a cutting board.
Permanent and substantial look. Very durable. Is porous, and without regular sealing, it can stain.
Offered in less expensive versions. Needs to be resealed more often than other surfaces.
Unique; no two granite tops are exactly the same. Granite may crack and could be costly to repair or replace.
Coloration will never change; it will always remain as bright and vibrant as when first installed.
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Capturing the Beauty of Granite for a Lower Price

Are you on a tight budget? Don’t count out granite just yet.There are various other strategies that you should consider if you are dying to have granite countertops in your Annapolis, Baltimore or Alexandria home but are afraid that it might be a bit too expensive.granite kitchen counters

  • Have your granite countertop installed in several different square pieces or opt for a granite tile countertop instead of one solid piece. This will give you the exact same natural beauty as a solid stone slab, but at a lower price. Repairs will be easier as well.
  • Granite counters can have varying quality. Factors that will affect granite countertop price and quality include the following: country of origin, granite color, patterns or veins, the thickness of slab, the amount of soft minerals within the stone, and current fashion trends.
  • Luna Pearl is a stone that is offered by many different builders. It looks the same from both near and far and under certain lighting conditions. The big benefit to Luna Pearl is that it is less expensive than most other types of granite.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the number of cuts and seams that will need to be made within stone slabs can also help you to keep the price to a minimum.
  • Be sure to ask your installation professionals if you will be charged for the use of wasted materials.
  • Hire reliable professionals. Failing to properly set a newly installed granite countertop can create a variety of extremely expensive problems.

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Maintaining Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops do require some additional maintenance. Because the stone is porous, granite should absolutely be sealed. It should then resealed on a regular basis to ensure its ability to repel water as well a soil based stains.

Even though alack of maintenance has the potential to make your granite countertops appear dull, it can easily be cleaned and polished by a professional to restore its natural shine. In order to properly clean granite, you should use neutral cleaners, stone soaps and/or mild liquid dishwashing soaps or detergents. It is very important to avoid products that contain abrasives and/or acids. Unfortunately, in most cases, if a granite countertop is cracked, it its going to need to be removed and replaced with a new piece of stone.

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