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Are you searching for beautiful Formica® countertops near Baltimore, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC?

Formica® kitchen and bathroom countertops bring the elegance and sophistication of a natural stone countertop at the cost of a laminate countertop. Customers rave about the affordability of our Formica® laminate, stone, and solid surface countertops in comparison with more expensive materials such as granite and quartz. Durable, easy to maintain, and available in a wide array of colors and patterns, these countertops are an excellent option for many homes.

To learn more about Formica® countertops, continue reading to find information about the options available and the advantages of each.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Formica® Laminate, Natural Stone, and Solid Surface Countertops

Formica® Corporation offers a wide variety of expertly designed laminate, natural stone, and solid surface countertops for your home.

Express Countertops is proud to carry all of these options and give customers the ability to customize the size, shape, backsplash, and more when they order. Since we fabricate everything in house, we can tailor your order specifically to your specifications.

formica laminate countertops

Formica® Laminate Countertops

Formica® Laminate countertops are extremely tough and practical. Stain, heat, and scratch resistant, a Formica® Laminate countertop is ideal for homes with small children and for those needing countertops that can withstand heavy use. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing them to fit perfectly into your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. These countertops have a long history of advances in design and craftsmanship and can replicate the appearance of almost any countertop material available, including wood grains and natural stones.

180fx formica laminate

180fx Formica® Laminate Countertops

The new, revolutionary Formica® 180fx technology allows homeowners to purchase laminate countertops with 5 feet wide patterns, as opposed to the older patterns that repeat every 18 inches. 180fx Laminate brings the natural patterns of granite countertops to life by offering true-to-scale granite patterns. These patterns are unmatched by any other laminate counter on the market. Formica® 180fx costs a fraction of granite or quartz countertops, so you can get the look you want without breaking your budget.

formica countertop

Formica® Solid Surface Countertops

Formica® Solid Surface Countertops are non-porous and require very little maintenance. Thanks to new technologies, patterns now cover an entire surface inside and out, making Formica® perfect for custom edging and design projects. These countertops are so beautiful, it will be difficult to choose just one design.


Formica® Stone Countertops

Formica® Stone surfacing combines natural materials with cutting edge synthetics to create a more durable, easier to maintain surface. With over twelve different looks, current owners of quartz or granite countertops will appreciate the increased durability of these low maintenance countertop materials.

Formica® Corporation has been awarded the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification for its countertops by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, making these countertops great for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly option!

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What Determines Your Formica® Countertops Cost?

Formica® countertops are well liked by homeowners because they combine beauty and sophistication with affordability. Our Formica® Countertops look luxurious while keeping your budget our top priority. A few factors can affect the price; read on to determine which selections work best for you!

Formica Countertops ColorsMaterial – There are a variety of Formica® materials from which to choose: laminate, natural stone and solid surface. Your final cost is dependent on which material you select. Take a look at the Formica® materials selection to help determine which one best fits your needs and the way you use your kitchen.

Color – Like with any other manufacturer, your choice of color will play a large part in the price of your Formica® countertops. Popular colors will cost you more, so you may want to consider choosing a less popular color that complements your existing kitchen design. By considering alternate color options, you may be able to save on the cost of your Formica® countertops.

Customization – When you buy new countertops, you often get them customized to fit your kitchen’s unique design. Keep in mind that these alterations add additional costs onto your purchase and can quickly make your countertops more expensive.

Accessories – Some buyers consider personalizing their countertops through custom edge styles, which can raise the overall price of your countertops. From elaborate to simple styles, take a look at your options to find something that fits within your budget.

Choosing the Perfect Formica® Countertop Color for Your Home

Formica® offers over 200 colors, patterns, and designs for their laminate and solid surface countertops. From the traditional home with neutral color palettes to vibrant kitchens filled with bold shades, every customer can find what they need with the wide selection of colors and patterns Formica® offers.

Want to compare Formica® countertop colors in your home? Ask us about acquiring samples of your top choices! You can also click here to visit our Formica® countertop color and style swatch gallery to compare colors online.

Colors for Formica® Laminate Countertops

Consider these popular Formica® colors and patterns, accompanied by a few wood-like surfaces:

  • Calacatta Marble is a 180fx color, reflecting a true-to-scale marble pattern. Achieve all the beauty without the cost with this luxurious appearance.
  • Perlato Granite is perfect for homeowners looking for a beautiful stone-like surface. This blend of gray tones is a member of the laminate countertop collection.
  • Butcherblock Maple is perfect for homeowners craving a more functional wood countertop appearance. Home chefs love the idea of wood countertops, and Formica® gives you the effect without the high-maintenance nature of wood.

Colors for Formica® Solid Surface Countertops

Formica-Countertops-CostOffering more durability than laminate surfaces, Formica® delivers a line of nonporous solid surface countertops. These countertops are easier to clean, more hygienic, and even wear resistant.

Explore these popular Formica® solid surface colors for a brilliantly designed kitchen:

  • Sea Glass is a beautiful accent for homes with splashes of blue and green. Even contrasting well with citrus colors, Formica® Sea Glass is a white surface with the appearance of real sea glass flecks
  • Copper Quartz is perfect for a true quartz-like appearance. Speckled with gray, brown and black flecks, you can get a stunning appearance for a fraction of the cost of quartz.

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