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Are you installing new countertops with ECO by Cosentino Colors in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Annapolis or the surrounding areas?

ECO countertops are a durable solid surface that provides homeowners with a low maintenance, scratch resistant material. While choosing the right material is vital, color is just as impactful as the strength of your countertops!

Keep reading to learn about the wide assortment of colors available from ECO by Cosentino recycled countertops and how to choose the right shade for your home.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

How to Choose the Right Color

The color of you kitchen countertops can influence the entire ambiance of the kitchen. Be sure to choose a shade the complements the theme, welcoming you home every time you enter the kitchen.

If you currently have a desirable color scheme in place, feel free to select a similar hue. However, choosing an accent will create a focal point in the room. Ask us about sourcing ECO by Cosentino samples to ensure you find the perfect color.

After selecting a color, you can customize counters further by selecting finishes. A polished finish delivers a shine and a leather finish offers a matte surface. Consider the following popular themes and coordinating ECO by Cosentino colors.


If your home follows a fairly modern theme, opt for a strong accent color for the countertops. Without being overly bold, you can create an engaging visual effect by balancing cabinetry and floors with a highlight.

Given that you haven’t chosen white kitchen cabinets, ECO by Cosentino White Diamond is a sure way to liven the kitchen’s vibe. Bringing light to the room, white countertops don’t detract from other decorations and features.

No need to worry about keeping these countertops looking clean. ECO by Cosentino countertops are non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb stains and wipe away clean.


Kitchens with a conservative theme tend to lean towards a clean cut, monochromatic palette. There is a relaxing feel to a kitchen that blends together and warms the home, allowing visitors to feel welcome and at ease. Choose a classic color that subtly accents the room.

For a neutral shade, Creamstone and Crystal Ash both deliver basic colors that can be used in almost any kitchen! Both are light and solid in color, making them ideal choices for the conservative home.


If your home is a creative outlet for bold and trendy styles, install countertops with a colorful pop of life! For homeowners that find themselves on the cutting edge of stylish interior design, it would almost be wrong to exclude the kitchen from your edgy décor.

Dark and intense countertop colors are the essence of any bold kitchen. Stay true to your home’s edgy style with ECO by Cosentino Black Forest and ECO by Cosentino Iron Ore. Black Forest is a thick grain, dark countertop with a strong personality; Iron Ore is an atypical, multicolor shade with glazed ash that pops.

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