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Convenient Custom Countertop Design Guide
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Custom Countertop DesignAre you looking for some great countertop design ideas for your Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, or Baltimore home?

We have some expert advice we’d like to share, gained from years of experience installing countertops in your area. Keep reading to discover our convenient custom countertop design guide.

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Customize Your Countertop to Match Your Home

Because all we do is sell and install countertops, we have the flexibility and expertise to customize your countertop at an affordable price.

Our countertop design experts are available to come to your home and make recommendations that fit you and your style. We can be as involved as you want us to be in helping you select the ideal countertop for your home.

Design Your Dream Countertops

The Difference Between Matching and Complimenting

We get a lot of questions about finding countertops that match different aspects of a room. Matching is great, and we agree that your countertop should work in harmony with your floor and cabinets.

But we really feel that matching isn’t as important as complimenting. Your kitchen countertop should compliment your floor and cabinets.

This means that you can use your countertop to: highlight features in your kitchen, bring out the color in the cabinets, subdue the color of your floor, create the illusion of more space, etc. Selecting a color and style that compliments, rather than exactly matches other features in your kitchen creates a warmer more personal feel in your kitchen.

Think about what style you are going for. Bold? Contemporary? Traditional?

Countertop Design Beyond Materials

Bathroom Countertop DesignWhen selecting your countertop design, always begin with material. This ensures that you get the features you need at a price you can afford.

But choosing a material is only the beginning.

Most materials come in a wide range of colors (and some materials, like laminate, can even mimic the style and coloration of other materials).

Granite countertops, for example, can be further customized with a wide variety of options beyond different colors. Options like tiles vs. slab and edge styles can dramatically change the style of a countertop to better match with your kitchen.

Understanding your different options will allow you to completely customize your countertop to find suit your design preferences.

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So What Are You Looking For?

So were you looking for a bold, contemporary or traditional design?

Bold Countertop Designs

Look for materials with unusual textures, edge designs and bold colors that will contrast your floor and cabinets. These countertops should be visually interesting and draw your attention.

Contemporary Countertop Designs

Look for materials with clean lines that have colors and textures that bring balance to your kitchen. You can contrast colors, but do it in a uniform way that repeats throughout the kitchen. A modern look will make your kitchen appear larger and uncluttered.

Traditional Countertop Designs

Look for monochromatic materials with rounded edge styles. Avoid bold colors that draw attention. Choose warm colors that highlight a conservative feel and compliment your cabinets and floor.

Get Help With Countertop Design

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