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6 Ways to Start Fresh with Tasteful Kitchen Countertop Trends Maryland | Northern Virginia | Baltimore | Alexandria

Countertop Trends 2014Wouldn’t you like to discover fresh styles and kitchen countertop trends to incorporate into your home in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Alexandria or neighboring areas?

Installing new countertops in your kitchen, bathroom or even place of business is a foolproof way to visually exude the personality of your home or company.

By keeping up with trends and integrating them into your countertop design, you enjoy the remarkable appearance & functionality everyday. Guests and visitors will instantly grasp the ambiance of your home and acknowledge your impeccably tasteful style.

Just keep reading to learn about the freshest kitchen countertop trends and how to align them with your countertop designs.

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Waterfall Edge Countertop

Designers are breaking away from traditional horizontal countertops and starting to go for a more modern look. One of the latest kitchen trends is a waterfall countertop, which is when the countertop appears to “fall” off the edge of the cabinet and extend to the floor. A waterfall edge countertop creates a clean and sleek look that adds a touch of style to a once traditional kitchen.

Quartz waterfall countertops are one of the popular applications of this trend. You can easily make a waterfall countertop the focus of your kitchen by contrasting dark kitchen cabinets with a white quartz countertop. A granite waterfall countertop can be used to create a less contemporary look. The subtle earth tones in granite countertops compliment kitchen cabinets with a darker finish and make this new trend look more traditional.

No matter what type of countertop you choose to use in your kitchen, the waterfall edges are sure to add a new element of design and decoration to the atmosphere.

Soapstone Countertops

In 2013, we watched quartz countertops trump the ever so popular granite as homeowners and business owners sought a durable, affordable alternative. However, soapstone is becoming a best seller for countertop installation in kitchens.

Riveting performance is the #1 selling point of soapstone, which is almost always manufactured in dark, gray hues. You can rely on the stain resistance, scratch resistance and even heat resistance of soapstone that make it a no-brainer for frequently used surfaces.

Click here to learn more about soapstone countertops, and keep reading to learn about two qualities of soapstone that made the cut for kitchen countertop trends!

Honed, Matte Finish

Countertop Trends 2014

We’re over the lustering sheen of every countertop found in every home and business. Designers are seeing a drastic increase in requests for matte finishes, transitioning from glistening shine to the understated sophistication of a honed surface.

In kitchens and bathrooms with abundant natural lighting, the need to reflect that light is less critical and thus opens the opportunity for an alternative countertop design. Consider the soft textured appeal of matte countertop surfaces for a tasteful accent.

Overhanging Cliff Edges

Counter space is a sacred element of any kitchen, and even an essential aspect for bathrooms. Homeowners are extending the length of their countertops past the edge of cabinetry, spawning a free hanging surface.

The underlying space creates prime real estate for functional accents that vary from home to home. Decorative recycling bins are common finds, living underneath practical countertop space. For kitchens near the front door, an overhanging countertop gives space to kick off shoes beneath.

Extend the edge of an existing kitchen island to craft convenient seating, a remodeling-style update that can be conveniently incorporated with your countertop installation. The opportunities are endless with overhanging countertops!

Countertop Trends 2014

Rich & Ominous Color Palette

Color is one of the most impactful elements of any design, prefacing the first impression of any room or space. All-white kitchens have seen their day and are swiftly being replaced with dark, ominous color schemes. Homeowners are pairing dark cabinets with even darker countertops, specifically with high demand for black countertops.

Think of cabinets and countertops as a canvas, of which the quality and style become detailed, contouring accents to the overall masterpiece of kitchen design. Earth and desert tones deliver a warming ambiance, capturing attention and diverting focus to the smaller details of the room.

Butcher Block Inlay

Natural wood countertops have always been the forbidden fruit for home-cooks, offering the luxury of chopping directly on surfaces without damaging knives. But wood countertops are particularly high-maintenance and don’t have impressive lifespans.

While this may not be an ideal material for the bulk of your countertops, homeowners and company kitchens are finding the value of a butcher block counter inlay. This small section of wood countertops provides concentrated space for food prep, and a more durable, visually appealing material is used for the remainder.

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