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Countertop Products in Maryland, Virginia, and DC

It’s time to start weighing all of your options and begin choosing the best countertop products for your home in DC, VA, or MD.

The available options are endless and we here at Express Countertops want to help you learn all you can so that you can make a well educated and well informed decision. If you can’t choose just one countertop product, that’s ok! You can get the best of all worlds by carving out a space for a mixture of various surface materials.

Maybe you would like a granite island for serving food, then maybe a solid surface for the preparation involved with heavy foods, and then finally a concrete surface so you can embed vintage tiles or even beautiful sea shells! Read on to discover more about the benefits and advantages associated with each material:Swanstone Countertop

Design Your Dream Countertops

Overview of Countertop Products and Surfaces:

  • Generally speaking, solid surfaces, natural stones and engineered stones tend to fair the best. These surfaces also tend to be the most resilient against stains.
  • Laminate counters and solid surface, or Corian countertops are available in the largest variety of colors.
  • Solid surfacing offers the flexibility needed to form decorative and elaborate shapes and/or intricate sinks.
  • Once they are sealed, concrete surfaces are extremely strong as well as durable.
  • Natural stones like marble and granite possess an unmatched opulence and elegance.
  • Engineered stone is virtually maintenance free and tends to be the most durable surface.
  • Soapstone can be millions of years old and offers a unique texture unlike any other available countertop surface.
  • The cost of these countertop products depends on such factors as: quality of material, type of material, the overall difficulty of the installation and the edge treatment design and material that is desired.
  • Laminate is, by far, the least expensive of the countertop materials available. It tends to run between $5 and $20 for a square foot.

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