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Countertop Edge Styles
Maryland | Virginia | Washington, DC

Now that you’ve chosen a countertop material and manufacturer for your kitchen renovation, you need to decide on a countertop edge style for your Maryland, Virginia, or DC home. The countertop edge style should complement the style of the kitchen.

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Some style points to keep in mind

Rounded edges, bullnose and waterfall provide the most comfort and are less likely to cause bumps and bruises than a squared-off edge but they may not match the look you’re going for. We at Express Countertops offer fourteen different edge styles to ensure that you will find one that fits your kitchen perfectly.

It is also important to think about how a particular countertop edge style will look with different colors and types of stone. There are various factors such as reflection, and finish that could vary the overall look of your countertop edges.

Listed below are some of the more common terms you will hear when describing countertop edge styles.

Click on the edge style name to view an example.

countertop edge styles - coved Coved countertop edge styles - spanish Spanish
countertop edge styles - eased Eased Half Bullnose
countertop edge styles - no build up No Buildup countertop edge styles - full bullnose Full Bullnose
countertop edge styles - double eased Double Eased countertop edge styles - triple bead Triple Bead
countertop edge styles - bevel Bevel countertop edge styles - even receding Even Receding
countertop edge styles - double bevel Double Bevel countertop edge styles - classic Classic
countertop edge styles - setback Setback countertop edge styles - double classic Double Classic

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