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Four Insider Secrets to Contemporary Kitchen Countertops  Maryland | Northern Virginia | DC | Baltimore | Annapolis

Contemporary Kitchen Countertops | Maryland, Virginia, DCIt is time for a kitchen makeover and you want the look you achieve to be up-to-date and to reflect your personal style. That means contemporary kitchen countertops are in your near future!

The large number of countertop options can be confusing but also ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your needs. You just need to know the benefits and disadvantages for each option.

Here’s how to choose the materials, shape, color and texture, and durability that are right for your contemporary kitchen and your family’s lifestyle and budget.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Secret #1: Select the Right Material

Choosing great contemporary countertops starts by choosing the right materials. While natural stones like marble are the traditional standard for great countertops, there are some man-made stones that are more economical.

Man Made Materials

The big advantage of man-made materials is that they are very easy to keep clean. Engineered stone countertops like quartz will have the beauty of natural stone but without requiring annual sealing (like marble) and without the possible chipping or cracking (like granite). They also resist stains or scorching. Highly demanded brands of quartz countertops include:

Natural Stone

While natural materials are generally more expensive than man made ones, they communicate luxury and timelessness when used for countertops. Natural stone includes:

Most natural materials are extremely durable and unaffected by heat or cold (although the softer options like soapstone can be scratched). While they require a bit of maintenance (regular sealing is important), they can be a perfect, distinctive addition to a high-class contemporary kitchen.

Secret #2: Customize the Design

The design of your kitchen countertops plays a significant role in the overall contemporary look of your kitchen. Thin countertop surfaces are ideal for this purpose because:

  • They offer less bulk, which means significantly less weight for the cabinets and structure to support and therefor allowing for a more streamlined cabinet structure.
  • Thinner countertops maintain the clean, sharp look favored in a contemporary kitchen.

Custom edging is also a great way to modernize the look of your kitchen countertops.

Remember that crisp sharp lines and straight edges will make your countertops look sleek and stylish. Curved countertops and edges tend to look a little dated and fussy in the contemporary kitchen.

Secret #3: Select the Right Colors

In keeping with the geometric structural elegance of straight lines, designers are favoring grays, blacks, and whites for contemporary kitchen countertops. A neutral color pallet creates a warm ambiance and opens a lot of options in your other decorating choices.

Echoing those neutrals in the cabinets, appliances and walls can create a harmonious look. Contrasting black countertops against white cabinets or using one restrained pop of color can create a dramatic look.

Secret #4: Beyond the Countertop

Contemporary kitchens are sleek and efficient, and every design decision below will help to reinforce that look:

  • Choose cabinets that have an aesthetically clean look to echo the sharp lines and angles of the countertops.
  • Stainless steel appliances are a great choice to complete a contemporary look for your kitchen. The brushed silver of the metal harmonizes with the elemental quality of the neutrals.
  • Limit the amount of additional clutter on surfaces and adornments on the walls. To maintain the elegant feel of your kitchen, try to avoid countertops that have many small appliances or decorations resting on them. Your beautiful contemporary countertop doesn’t need to be upstaged.

Whatever contemporary kitchen design you choose to work with, modernized countertops will play a major role. By choosing a modern countertop with custom designed edging and the right colors to compliment your cabinets, you will go a long way to achieving the contemporary look you’re looking for.

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