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Concrete Counters for Your Home
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Are you looking for information regarding concrete counters for your Maryland,Virginia, or DC home?

Do you have unusual and uniquely shaped countertops, but want a material that’s strong, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and possesses a unique texture unlike any other surface material?

If so, then concrete might be just what you need!

Although the cost of concrete counters can be on the pricy side, concrete is much stronger than all other natural surfaces. These countertops benefit from different concrete countertop colors and inlays for a variety of creative looks that make them even more unique. They also have various textured feels that set them apart from other countertop surfaces available today.

These counters are made up of 100% natural materials. The mixing of water, cement, stone, sand, and colored pigment ultimately creates the end product. Since concrete is a porous surface, it must be sealed properly to resist both strains and water damage.

While these are just the basics, there’s much more to this material, so keep reading to get all of the information you’ll need!

Concrete Counters Cost:  $75 -$200 per square foot.

NOTE: We are currently not offering Concrete Countertops for residential installation. Please contact us below to discover comparable options and materials.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Ups and Downs:

Can be worked into different shapes and custom details. Proper sealing is required to resist stain and wax is needed to protect the sealer.
Resists scratches and heat damage. Cutting boards need to be used.
Comes in a variety of colors and textures. Quick temperature changes can cause curling or warping to newly installed slabs.
Custom cast to your exact specifications. Mid to high range on cost due to custom work.
Much stronger than any other natural surface. Cracking is possible and concrete is porous, although it can be sealed.
Offers an exotic and unusual look.

Creative Personal Touches

Concrete is expressive and aesthetic on its own, but embedding vintage tiles, shells, or other unique objects within the material can help to add personality to the room in which your concrete countertop overlay is installed.

Creating a custom concrete countertop has never been easier than it is right now and if you are looking for an ultra-personalized look, you could carve a monogram or crest directly into the countertop!

With casting, shaping, and a variety of other methods available, concrete counters can possess a variety of textures and feels. Concrete will always be an extremely unique option because of all the various pigments, stains, concrete counter edge forms and aggregate colors that are available for the consumer.

Cleaning Your Concrete Counters

Although the heat and scratch resistance makes concrete counters seem invincible, they do require a little bit of maintenance. Spills of any kind should be rinsed as soon as possible and using abrasive cleaners shouldn’t be used as to avoid scratching or scaring of the surface. We also suggest that your concrete should be waxed every 1– 3 months and resealed every 1 – 2 years.

You should use a cutting board as opposed to cutting directly on the concrete and should also not place hot pots and pans directly on it. Although it is heat resistant, damage and discoloration of the sealer is still possible when material is exposed to high enough temperatures.

If your concrete counters have not been sealed than it is important to know they will stain because of concretes porous nature.

Concrete is extremely durable, noncombustible and resilient against decay. On the flip side though, concrete countertops can possibly crack from their natural shrinkage. Trying to patch these cracks can potentially make them more obvious.

Many customers who opt for concrete surfaces in their homes embrace their hairline cracks and irregularities. These little imperfections give the concrete a natural and authentic look. Also it should be noted that the hairline cracks are nonstructural and purely aesthetic.

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