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Why Companies Demand Commercial Laminate Countertops
Maryland | Northern Virginia | Washington, DC

Commercial Laminate Countertops MarylandIf your company is seeking attractive yet affordable surfaces, it’s time to install commercial laminate countertops in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC or the neighboring areas.

Laminate countertops are a cost effective solution for businesses, delivering hundreds of prints and patterns that imitate every countertop material from marble to solid wood. For infinite variety at a fraction of solid surface costs, you’re destined to find a winning laminate surface!

Keep reading to discover how laminate countertops stand up to the demands of commercial businesses and learn how easy it is to achieve a distinctive appearance.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Why Install Commercial Laminate Countertops?

As we mentioned, laminate is the absolute most affordable material for countertops, whether commercial or residential. But low material costs are the only feature attracting businesses all over Maryland, Virginia and DC to laminate.

Customers commonly ask us to compare laminate vs solid surface countertops, but each brings a diverse set of characteristics to the table. When you install new commercial laminate countertops, you gain the following benefits:

  • Simple Clean Up & Upkeep
  • Impressive Durability
  • Easy Installation (that means lower labor costs)
  • Competitive Warranties

Combine the performance with the extensive product variety and you can see why companies are knocking down our door for laminate.

The Infinite World of Laminate

It’s true; there are hundreds of styles for laminate countertops. You could probably say thousands! Each of our laminate manufacturers brings a distinguishing collection to the table, offering every design from solid colors to replica natural stones. Our color swatch gallery just skims the surface.

Our manufacturers are hand selected, and we bring three industry leaders to the table. Each delivers a stunning collection of premium laminate countertops:

Let us help you save more by installing laminate for your commercial kitchen, commercial bar tops, commercial bathroom or any other surface in your business!

We Make Commercial Business EASY

You have better things to do everyday than stress over your countertop installation. Our goal at Express Countertops is to deliver you with fast, affordable and superior service that let’s you continue with business as usual.

If you are a contractor or working with a contractor on a full remodel, there is no more apt countertop fabricator in the area! Our experience with commercial countertop installation and collaborating with contractors has provided expert industry knowledge.

When you work with Express Countertops for your installation, you can look forward to:

  • A team that understands contracting industry jargon
  • Estimates based right off your existing blueprints
  • Our in-house architect to internally problem solve
  • Expert fabrication performed on our own equipment
  • Advanced countertop work including miter joints

This is your one stop shop for commercial countertops, taking you all the way from fabrication to installation with a single team. If you’re a contractor, click here to learn more.

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