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Impress Customers with Commercial Granite Countertops
Maryland | Northern Virginia | Washington, DC

Commercial Granite CountertopsIs your business planning to install commercial granite countertops in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and the neighboring areas?

Granite has led the countertop industry for years, highly acclaimed for it’s distinctive natural stone appearance and durability. Show customers you mean business with professional granite countertops that enhance the whole atmosphere.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should install granite countertops and our experience with commercial fabrication and installation.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Granite For All Surfaces

Well known for it’s striking appearance, granite is also the most durable natural stone material when it comes to countertops. The distinguishing patterns of granite appeal to businesses, along with the fact that each slab is 100% unique and inimitable.

Business countertops require slightly more durability than homes, enduring the wear of customers coming and going throughout the years. Granite is scratch resistant and holds up well to heat, ideal for commercial bars and commercial kitchens. Even commercial bathrooms will see their fare share of traffic, making this an ideal area for granite.

One fact to note is that granite is a porous material, which simply means surfaces need to be sealed to prevent stains. Sealants also increase granite’s resilience to scratching and cracking.

We Work with All Businesses

Our commercial customers come in all shapes and sizes, providing us experience fabricating and installing custom countertops of all dimensions. From commercial bar countertops to office reception desks, our team has a wealth of industry knowledge to bring to the table.

Again, there is no business too big or small! Top projects from our commercial customers include:

Are You a Commercial Contractor?

If you are a commercial contractor interested in wholesale, or if you’re working with a contractor on a remodeling project, Express Countertops is here to make your day less stressful.

We’re experienced with commercial countertop installation and work with contractors on a regular basis. But what makes us the best countertop company to work with? Your job will be easier.

  • We understand contractor jargon, so communication is smooth
  • We complete estimates based off your existing blueprints
  • We have architects right in our facilities, internally answering questions
  • We use our own equipment, making us a one stop shop
  • We even perform advanced work including miter joints

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