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Commercial Countertops Maryland

Are you searching for durable and affordable commercial countertops in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, DC, Columbia or in the surrounding areas?

All we do is fabricate and install countertops at Express. When you need the perfect countertop for your restaurant, lobby bathroom, hotel kitchen, or any other commercial needs, you can count on us to provide and install surfaces that work, and match your design needs—everytime!

Keep reading to learn what to look for in commercial countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak with a commercial countertop installation expert, call 410-712-0601. You can also click here to request a fast, free estimate.

Find The Best Commercial Countertops for Your Needs

We can help you find the best commercial countertops for your needs, whether you need a new counter for a kitchen or a bathroom in:

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What to Look For In A Commercial Countertop

Searching for the best commercial grade countertops is a bit more involved than simply choosing a countertop for your home.

Commercial grade countertops need to be:

  • More durable and withstand heavy use
  • Easier to maintain and clean daily
  • Incredibly resistant to stains, scratches & other damage

And that’s not even considering the fact that countertops that will be seen by the public, such as commercial bathroom countertops, need to not only fit in with, but enhance the design and mood of the building.

Fortunately there are plenty of options (including eco friendly) available that have all of these features and a wide variety of designs.

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Types of Commercial Grade Countertops

Below is a list of just some of the countertops we install for commercial use.

Don’t see the material you’re looking for? Contact us today and we’ll talk about whether the material you had in mind will work well in a commercial setting.

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If you’re ready to take the next step towards installing new countertops for commercial use, call 410-712-0601today. You can also click here for a free, no obligation estimate.

Express Countertops has been helping businesses and organizations in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia with all of their commercial countertop needs for a very long time. Our streamlined business model allows us to install your countertops in 1 week—guaranteed!

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