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Butcher Block CountertopAre you looking for butcher block countertops in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, DC, Alexandria or the surrounding areas?

One of the easiest ways to transform a cold, impersonal kitchen into a warm and inviting room is with the addition of a butcher block countertop. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about butcher block countertops before contacting a contractor or remodeling service.

NOTE: Butcher Block countertops are currently unavailable for residential installation. Please contact us below to discover comparable options and materials.

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What is Butcher Block?

Butcher block (sometimes spelled butcherblock or butcher’s block) is a style of countertop made from wood assembled in strips, creating a distinctive multicolor and grain appearance. There are two types of butcher block countertops: end grain and edge grain (or long grain).

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End Grain Butcher Block Countertops

End grain is the more traditional and durable of the butcher block countertops. It contains the classic “checkerboard” appearance commonly associated with butcher block since the late 1800s.

Because of the extra effort required to create an end grain butcher block countertop, they are typically more expensive than edge grain counters, but can last a lifetime.

Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertops

Like end grain, edge grain (or long grain) butcher block is assembled from strips of wood, but horizontal to the work surface. This creates a striped, rather than checkerboard appearance.

Because this kind of butcher block is easier to produce it is more affordable and increasingly popular in Maryland, Virginia and DC area homes. While still extremely durable, edge grain counters are lighter weight and aren’t quite as durable as end grain.

Butcher Block Materials

Butcher block countertops can be made from a variety of wood types. The key is to find a type of wood that is strong enough to withstand heavy use, but not so hard that it will dull the blades of your knives.

Some of the most common materials include:

  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Walnut

If you’re unsure which type of wood will work best for your needs, or if you’re interested in a custom blend, contact us today at 410-712-0601 and get free advice from one of our experts.

Benefits of Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops not only bring an incomparable warmth and natural beauty to your kitchen, they provide one of the best food preparation surfaces money can buy.

Because butcher block was originally developed as cutting boards for butchers, you can cut and prepare meals directly on your countertop. The unique grain of each surface will hide scratches and cuts well, and after a few years of wear, you can sand and reseal your countertop to make it look like new again.

The surface is also perfect for making bread and other pastries and is a favorite among bakers.

Maintaining Butcher Block Counters

All of these benefits do have a cost because butcher block counters require more maintenance than most other countertops. They require periodic sealing to prevent germs, warping, and separation of strips.

Depending on use, you may have to apply linseed oil to your countertop every 3 months to prevent water damage and bacteria buildup. But that’s only a small price to pay for having one of the most functional and best looking countertops used by cooking fanatics for over 100 years.

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