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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Countertops Company
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Best Kitchen Countertops Company in MarylandUnless you’re a property manager or work in the construction industry, you probably don’t consider yourself an authority on countertops.

So how do you find the best kitchen countertops company in all of Maryland, Virginia and DC? We put together a guide to help you field your options and choose the best fit for your home or business.

Let’s find out how you can end the search for a countertop company and finally get started with a stunning installation.

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Start By Asking About Licensing and Insurance

Whenever you’re hiring a team to work inside your home, you want to know the company is trustworthy. You should also be able to trust that the service is both professional and high quality. Home improvements are an investment, so it’s worth it to do your homework and protect the return.

To cover all your bases, the first question to ask when trying to find a countertop installer is “are you licensed and insured?” Any company you ask should be able to answer yes to both.

Why is this important? It not only reinforces the quality of service you will receive, but also protects you from any accidents. For proof of license, simply ask for the Maryland or Virginia license number to ensure the state approves of your chosen company.

We don’t want to worry you, but accidents can happen at any time in our lives. Countertop installers are working with heavy materials and equipment. Working with an insured company protects you from any accidents that occur at your home.

Place Priority on Customer Service

Your needs should be the number one priority for any countertop installation contractor or team. That means you deserve to be satisfied with service before, during and after the installation takes place.

Every homeowner has a different vision of perfect customer service, but there are a few things you can expect from your kitchen countertops company:

  • Ease of Estimate: You don’t want to spend your evening trying to measure your countertop dimensions, hoping that you’re close enough for an accurate estimate. Make your life easier and ask the company to come measure your kitchen. Even better, see if you can simply send a picture if the installers have software to create estimates from an image.
  • Quick Installation Timeline: When your kitchen is being stripped of its preparation services, it makes it difficult for your family to maintain your schedule. Don’t become victim of the month-long countertop project and ask for a guaranteed scope of when the installation will be completed.
  • Product Warranties: As mentioned earlier, new countertops are an investment that you should capitalize on. Ask about both product and service warranties. Almost all manufacturers will offer a standard warranty that should protect against damage. Keep in mind that a granite countertop company or any natural stone material may only offer coverage on service.
  • Troubleshooting: We would encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to before your countertops are installed. The quality of responses and attitude of the company will be a clear gauge of the service you will receive during and after the installation.

If you have a good feeling after covering these bases and getting all of your questions answered, it’s an excellent indicator that you’ve chosen the right company.

Explore the Range of Countertop Materials Available

Options are a good thing when it comes to countertops. Countertop companies have discovered that many homeowners call requesting a specific material, but then end up choosing another after learning more about it.

Your company of choice should have a wide range of countertop materials, information about each option, and also recommend the best choices for your home. The most highly demanded materials include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Solid Surface
  • Recycled Glass
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • And More…

If the company doesn’t offer a specific material you’re looking for, don’t be shy to ask them why! For example, many countertop installation companies have eliminated wood countertops from their selection because their dismal lifespan offers less value to the customer.

Don’t forget about customizing your countertops! The best kitchen countertops company will fabricate in house to incorporate customizations like edging, backsplashes, countertop height, and other features. This allows you to personalize your project, like adding an overhang to your kitchen island.

How Express Countertops Fills the Mold

If you’re looking to update your countertops in Maryland, Virginia or DC, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Yes, Express Countertops is both licensed and insured, but you can also look forward to these benefits:

  • Receive an Estimate with just a Photo of Your Countertops
  • 7-Day Installation Guarantee
  • A Full Range of Countertop Materials
  • Manufacturer or Service Warranty on All Materials
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Completely Custom Countertops

Since our countertops are fabricated in house, you customizations are accommodated with ease. This allows your project to be installed quickly and to your precise specifications. Even better, our countertops are all competitively priced!

We bring years of experience to the table in both residential and commercial countertop installation. That means our team has installed every size project from bathroom vanities to commercial bars.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and start experiencing what a premium countertops company looks and sounds like, and finally feel that you made the right choice.

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Express Countertops is your premier source for residential and commercial countertop installation in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Give us a call today and learn why we’re one of the best kitchen countertops companies around!

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