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Bathroom countertop optionsDo you want to learn more about your bathroom countertop options for your Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC, Baltimore or Arlington area home?

Because we specialize in countertops and countertops only, we’re able to offer more custom options than a one-stop home remodeler. Keep reading to learn which bathroom countertop options are available to make your bathroom uniquely your own

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Make Your Counter Uniquely Your Own

Countertop options extend way beyond simple material selection. Even after you decide on a material, there are a wealth of different custom options to choose from to truly personalize your counter as your own.

Consider the following options when customizing your countertop:

  • Colors – Each material offers an array of different colors that allow you to completely customize your countertop’s look.
  • Textures – Whether you want the smooth touch of granite or the elegant look of glass, you have a variety of textures to choose from to further personalize your counter.
  • Patterns – The right pattern can make it easy to a unique look that’s very different from what your guests are used to seeing. Some of the less expensive materials even have patterns available that replicate granite and other natural stones. This is a great way to get the look you want at a low cost!
  • Features – As part of your countertop design, you can make it so that your new bathroom counters can accommodate everything you need. Whether you need a single sink, a double sink, a vanity, or anything else, it can all be made part of the bathroom countertop design.
  • Edges – The edge style you select will be the finishing touch on your bathroom countertop, and can be used to achieve a wide variety of looks from classic to fancy to modern.Bathroom Countertop Edging

Your bathroom countertop options can make all the difference in the world when designing a look that will define the mood and personality of your bathroom.

By looking at the options listed above and making choices that reflect your style and personal taste, you can easily transform your home’s bathrooms into the welcoming spaces that they’re supposed to be.

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