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Choosing The Best Bathroom Countertop Materials For You
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Bathroom Countertop MaterialsAre you wondering which bathroom countertop materials work and look best in your Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC, Arlington or Baltimore home?

Bathroom countertops don’t have to endure the same wear and tear as kitchen countertops, freeing you to concentrate more on design than function. This is why we love helping our customers select bathroom countertops—it gives us a chance to really focus on how a countertop fits with the style of a room.

Keep reading to discover which bathroom countertop materials will work best for your home and our favorite secret for finding the look you want at a lower cost.

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The Secret to Narrowing Down Your Material Options

If choosing a kitchen countertop material is challenging, then choosing a bathroom countertop material can be downright overwhelming. Your bathroom countertop won’t face the same abuse as your kitchen countertop, and therefore it doesn’t have to be as durable.

This means that all materials that are appropriate for the kitchen will work in the bathroom, and other materials that wouldn’t work in the kitchen (such as Glass and Cultured Marble) can still last through years of everyday use in the bathroom.

But don’t get overwhelmed! Follow this advice and you’ll know exactly what material works for you:

  1. Start with a budget and your ideal counter square footage
  2. Make a list of features you’re looking for (i.e. low-maintenance, hypoallergenic, stain resistance, etc.)
  3. Determine your ideal countertop color, texture, and pattern (if applicable)

Now that you know what you’re looking for in a bathroom countertop, explore the materials below to see which best suits your needs. Or, give us a call at 410-712-0601 with the answers to these questions and we’ll be happy to help find the best material for your bathroom.

Tried & Proven Traditional Countertop Materials

The following bathroom countertop materials have been used in bathrooms for decades. They’re elegant and will last for years to come.

Custom bathroom countertops

Granite Bathroom Countertops

A granite countertop can easily last the life of your home. They’re stain resistant and look elegant in any bathroom. However, they do require semi-annual sealing to maintain their durability.

While granite counters typically come at a higher price than other materials, the fact that your bathroom countertop is smaller than your kitchen’s means you won’t be paying for as many square feet of material. Granite tile bathroom countertops come at an even lower price.

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble countertops are perhaps the most extravagant-looking countertops, and are common in many bathrooms throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

While homeowners looking for the most luxurious bathrooms will opt for solid marble, you can save money without sacrificing appearance by opting for Cultured Marble bathroom countertops.

Corian® Bathroom Countertops

Solid surface bathroom countertops, like Corian®, are the best option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surface that will last for years.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be easily repaired or resurfaced if stained. Solid surface counters also tend to be hypoallergenic.

Innovative Bathroom Countertop Materials

The following bathroom countertop materials are becoming more popular in Maryland, DC and Virginia homes because of their innovative approach, durability, and affordability.

Concrete Bathroom Countertops

If you’re looking for a uniquely-shaped countertop for your bathroom, there is no better option than concrete. Concrete countertops can be molded to any shape and are resistant to scratching.

An exotic look can be achieved by embedding tiles, shells, or other objects in the concrete. Concrete is reasonably priced and extremely durable.

Laminate Bathroom Countertops ***Our Secret to Saving You Money***

Whereas laminate counters run the risk of being scratched or damaged in the kitchen, they thrive in the bathroom. This low-cost material is a great way to save money on your bathroom counter replacement.

Best of all, new printing technologies can create complex patterns and designs that can replicate any other counter from natural stone to wood. Now you can have a counter that looks like granite at just a fraction of the price.

Other Material Options

These are our most popular materials, but they certainly aren’t our only options.

Contact us today to learn about more materials like Glass, Ceramic Tiles, and Limestone.

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