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Take Advantage of These Bathroom Countertop Ideas
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bathroom countertop ideasAre you looking for bathroom countertop ideas for your Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, or Arlington bathroom remodel?

At Express we only deal with countertops, which means we spend a lot of time coming up with unique ideas to help our customers make their new countertops truly their own. Keep reading to learn some of our top bathroom countertop ideas to make your countertop purchase extraordinary.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Explore Unique Ideas For Your Bathroom Countertop

When it comes to bathroom countertops, we encourage you to let the ideas flow.

You don’t have to worry about a bathroom countertop standing up to abuse from hot pans and sharp knives like you do in the kitchen. This means you can get more creative with your design and style ideas (and it also means that selecting custom bathroom countertops can be more fun!)

Materials like glass and cultured marble that wouldn’t work as a kitchen countertop can transform your bathroom’s appearance into something more elegant and modern.

Let Your Counter’s Color Scheme Set a Mood

Adding a natural stone or brightly colored bathroom countertop can alter the mood of your bathroom. Consider whether you want your bathroom to be relaxing, energizing, classic, modern, etc., and then find a counter that encourages that mood.

A great way to make your new counters really contribute to the mood of the room is to install a matching tub deck.

Countertops (especially naturally stone) are one of the most unique and beautiful surfaces in your home. Instead of buying bathroom countertops to match your bathroom, why not make them the focal point?

Countertop Ideas To Help You Make The Most of Your Bathroom Space

Ideas for bathroom countertopsWhen your bathroom is small, the last thing you want is to install a countertop that dominates what little space you have. If you are going to have a countertop in your bathroom, you want it to be functional and minimal.

For these situations, we want to share some of our favorite small bathroom ideas.

  • Install a floating vanity, which will minimize your vanity’s footprint
  • Install shelves to match your counter (who says Marble has to be used for a countertop? Let us build and install custom shelves to match your new counter!)
  • Look for light, cool colored countertops, which create the illusion of more space

Want to Discover Even More Ideas?

If you want to learn some more of our secrets that we’ve learned by installing countless countertops in Maryland, DC, and Virginia homes, then contact us today.

We’ll be happy to come to your home and truly assess which ideas will work best with your bathroom. We have some secrets that we’re holding back (from our competitors, not you!) that can make your bathroom countertop truly impressive while remaining affordable.

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