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Avonite Solid Surface Countertop Care & Maintenance
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Here are a few helpful hints involving the care and maintenance of an Avonite solid surface countertop for our Maryland, Virginia, and NOVA customers:

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  • You need to always use hot pads and/or trivets under hot pots, pans or any other heat producing applications.
  • You should always use a cutting board when applicable and you should never stand on top of your counters.
  • It is important to avoid harsh chemicals and solutions like drain cleaners and paint removers.
  • For counters with a high gloss finish, place felt protectors underneath pottery and any other hard objects.
  • If at all possible, avoid sliding hard objects over top of surfaces with a glossy finish.
  • To avoid cracks or other damage, you should always run cool water in the sink when you are pouring boiling water into it.

The following chart is a helpful visual designed to show how to differently treat specific finishes on any particular Avonite Solid Surface Countertop.

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Avonite Matte Finish

Cleaning Using a sponge alongside with soap and water will take care of most stains. For more stubborn stains we recommend that you use a green Scotch Brite pad and some sort of an abrasive cleanser. It is a good idea to periodically go over the entire surface with a dry green Scotch Brite pad to help return your countertop to its original finish.
Scratches In order to remove scratches from your solid surface countertop, start sanding it with 240 grit paper and then clean it with some sort of an abrasive cleanser and use a green Scotch Brite pad as well.
Sinks To clean your Avonite sink use the same Matte Finish cleaning and scratch removal techniques described above. In order to keep sink color nice and bright, clean it occasionally with liquid bleach mixed with water. To do this, fill the sink one quarter full with water, then add 1 to 2 cups of bleach. Then, wipe the sides of the sink with the bleach solution and let it stand for 15 minutes. Finally drain the sink and rinse with water.

Avonite Satin Finish

Cleaning Again, soap and water will take care of most of your typical stains. For stubborn stains you should use a white Scotch Brite pad and some sort of non-abrasive cleanser, like as Soft Scrub.
Scratches To remove scratches from a satin finish countertop, start by sanding the surface with 400 grit paper then follow that by sanding it with 600 grit paper. You should then clean the area with Soft Scrub as well as a white Scotch Brite pad. If you so choose to, you can spray a thin coat of Protect All to enhance the natural luster.

Avonite High Gloss

Cleaning Once again, soap and water will remove most everyday stains. Use a polishing compound such as 3M Perfect-It alongside a soft cloth to take care of more stubborn stains.
Scratches If you need to remove scratches from a high gloss finish, you need to start sanding the solid surface countertop with 400 grit paper. The counter’s surface must then be machine polished in order to get it back to its original finish. We advise you to contact the Avonite Surfaces Fabricator if you do not own or even have access to this specific type of equipment.

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