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Avonite Solid Surface Counters FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Surface Counters by Avonite

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What makes Solid Surface Counters by Avonite different from granite, laminates, and other solid surface materials?solid surface countertops

Solid surface counters offer a variety of benefits that laminate, tile and granite do not. Solid surface seams are very inconspicuous, hygienic, and even non-porous. What this means is that it will not support any growth of bacteria. Avonite’s visual pattern allows for a vast array of designs. Due to Avonite’s unique manufacturing process, Avonite Solid Surface Counters create a depth of color and clarity that are not found in other solid surface products. Avonite also comes equipped with a limited ten-year material warranty making it an even more desirable countertop choice..

Are Solid Surface Counters by Avonite easy to repair?

Avonite’s pattern runs through out its entire thickness. This means that nicks and scratches are easily removed by sanding the top of the matte finished material. Major damage or damage that is caused to a polished finish top can generally be repaired by a certified Avonite Surfaces fabricator.

What are the differences between a Satin, Matte, and a Gloss finish?

A matte finish is one that has a sanded finish with virtually no sheen at all. A quality satin finish is generally achieved by some additional sanding of the surface with finer grits of sandpaper as well as other abrasive materials like Scotch Brite© pads. The satin finish tends to have an appearance that is low to medium in luster. Finally, the gloss finish possesses a very high luster appearance and typically is applied on limited use and wear areas of the countertop.

Is it ok if I set a hot pan directly on an Avonite surface?

Even though Avonite Solid Surface Counters are resilient against heat, EVERY solid surface wants to expand and contract when exposed to extreme temperature changes. When a hot pan is placed in the center of the surface, the material will try to expand. Since the surrounding counter is at room temperature, the area exposed to an increased temperature has no room to expand. This has the potential to cause cracking of the surface. It is also possible that scorching could also occur if the surface is exposed to extreme temperatures. In order to prevent damage to your countertops, it is recommended that you use a hot pad or trivet when placing hot items on the surface. An attractive design option involves routed grooves where you can place stainless steel rods that have the ability to hold hot pans. Another option to consider is an area inlayed with ceramic tile that is able to handle the heat of hot pots or pans.

Can I cut directly on the surface?

Although Avonite Solid Surface Counters are extremely durable, like all solid surface, they can be marred, scuffed or scratched with a knife that is sharp enough. We recommend that you always use a cutting board for all activities involving cutting in your kitchen.

Do Avonite Countertops scratch easily?

Anything that is harder than a particular solid surface can easily scratch the surface. These items include:ceramics, stoneware, stainless steel, and glassware among other things. If you would like complete instructions on how to care for your Avonite Solid Surface Counters, visit our AvoniteCare & Maintenance section of our website to find complete, comprehensive instructions on how to care for your Avonite Solid Surface Counters.

Can they be buffed back to their original shine?

Yes,If you have a high gloss Avonite product, it can be buffed back to its original shine with ease. We do, however, recommend that you contact an Avonite Surfaces certified fabrication professional to restore your countertop to its original luster.

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