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Innovative & Stylish Avonite Solid Surface Countertops
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Are you looking for information on Avonite solid surface countertops in Maryland, Virginia, DC, or Baltimore?

Avonite is a pioneer and leader in solid surface countertop technology. Their unique designs and styling options create a look that is definitively their own, making their counters a stylish addition to any home. Continue reading to find a vast library of information regarding Avonite products.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

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Avonite Solid Surface Countertops Offer:

  • Unbelievably Realistic Textures
  • Completely Recyclable Products
  • Rich Collections Inspired by Glass, Precious Metals, and Other Natural Materials
  • Dynamic and Vibrant Colors
  • Products to fit Every Budget

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Guidelines for Avonite Countertop Finishes

Avonite Solid Surfacesheets are delivered to Express Countertops’ facilityin Columbia, Maryland with a factory finish. The final finish desired must be specified as either Matte, Satin, or Gloss. Each of these finishes are created differently and require different techniques to maintain.

Matte Finish

This is a sanded finish and is easily maintained. There is no sheen with a matte finish.

Satin Finish

This is a more finely sanded finish followed by an additional sanding with a gray ScotchBritepad. It is just as easy to maintain as the matte finish, but has a slight to medium luster.

Gloss Finish

This is the highest luster finish, achieved by a very fine grit sanding followed by a polishing. Gloss finishes reveal a full depth of color with their high sheen. Glossy dark colors show the appearance of dirt and handprints easier than lighter colors, and as a result they should be avoided for high use areas.

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