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If you’re looking for the right material to help complete your kitchen’s look, then you should consider granite tile counters for your remodeling project.

When making decisions about how you’re going to remodel your home’s countertops, there are a lot of different materials that you can choose in the project, but few match the elegance and sophisticated look that granite brings with it.

But looks aren’t the only reason that granite is popular with many homeowners when it comes to this kind of project.

If you’d like you learn more about granite tile counters and how you can make sure the material you choose for your kitchen is perfect for your needs, then keep reading this page for some useful information.

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Design Your Dream Countertops

Remodeling with Granite Tiles for Countertops

Among the different materials for your countertops, granite is a favorite with many for a variety of reasons.

With tiles made of granite acting as your countertop surfaces, you’ll benefit from qualities like:

  • Good Looks – This has been mentioned before, but is worth repeating. Granite is popular with people undertaking kitchen remodeling projects because its rich looks draw the right kinds of attention and help make the kitchen one of the most attractive rooms in the house.This can be an especially strong feature if paired with a matching backsplash or kitchen island for a uniform appearance.
  • Durability – Another reason for granite’s popularity is its tough nature. It’s not easy to scratch, crack, stain, blister, or damage granite with hot pans, so you won’t have to worry about watching your every move.This quality also translates to the ease with which you can maintain the material, as granite can usually be cleaned fairly easily with simple cleaning solutions like soap and warm water.
  • Versatility – Like many other types of materials, granite tile counters can be arranged to meet your personal tastes.If you have a favorite color scheme that your kitchen is built around, then granite tiles can fit into that kitchen design easily. The variety that’s available to you from this material means that you won’t have to struggle with ideas when it comes to incorporating this new fixture into the room’s overall look.
  • Cost Effectiveness – For the budget conscious homeowners, using tile instead of granite slab is an easy decision to make. The main advantage here is that tiles are put into place piece by piece instead of as one large, continuous slab.This means that you can enjoy lower cost of purchase as well as installation with tiles than you would with a traditional granite slab countertop.
  • Lighter Weight – Because tiles are lighter, that means that they can be installed with much of the same preparation as a material like ceramic tile.This is especially advantageous because many renovation projects that involve installing a granite slab also involve reinforcing the cabinets on which the counter will sit so that the added weight can be supported.This isn’t an issue with granite tile counters.

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Choosing Your Tiles

Want to know what you can do to design granite tile countertops that are perfect for your needs?

Take a look at the following chart and learn all about some of the options you have available to you.

Characteristic Your Options
Color White, Brown, Tan, Yellow, Blue, Red, and many others
Finishes Polished, Honed, Brushed, Flamed
Edging Bullnose, beveled, cleft stone, ogee

Keeping qualities like finishes and edge styles in mind alongside the many advantages that are available from granite tile counters will make the process of designing your new kitchen fixtures a much easier task.

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Granite Countertops with Express Countertops

For granite tile counters that will help give your home’s kitchen the look you want, look no further than Express Countertops.

We know that homeowners like you want variety when it comes to remodeling, which is why we provide high quality countertops from well known manufacturers like Avonite, Zodiaq, Nevamar, and many others.

Our skilled and trained professionals will work with you to determine the best tiles for your countertops and, from there, will have them installed before you know it!

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